The Goal Keeper Tin

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My teacher loved this! She was always using post it notes for her goals before and now she keeps her tin on her desk

Emma, Cairns

I have just opened a business and I need this to help me focus. The tin is so beautiful that I'm keeping it next to me shop register"

Michelle, Perth


When deciding to change your thought process in order to achieve a desired reality or goal, a good place to start is with positive affirmations!


Affirming a thought is stating it to be true whether it is or it isn't at the time of writing it down. 


Set and focus on your goals with these powerful words and remember to imagine yourself 365 days into the future achieving these goals


What do you want to achieve in a year's time? 


Put your goal cards into The Goal Keeper Tin and don't take them out again for a year!

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See how many you can achieve and find yourself amazed at the power of your words and thoughts. 


These affirmations are based on my 5 magical A's as described in my book The F.A.S.T.R. Process. 


Ask. Anticipate. Already. Allow. Appreciate.


I hope you find them as powerful as I do!

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The Goal Keeper Tin

The Goal Keeper Tin


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