Sometimes, all you need is to just quiet your mind. When you quiet your mind, you silence your ego and you allow for your Higher Self to communicate with ease.  

When you are meditating you are allowing positive abundance energy to flow, rather than resisting it with thoughts of self-sabotage. If you are thinking of nothing, you are putting your spirit into a neutral and balanced state, which helps to bring more balance into your life.

The benefits of meditation are almost infinite. I could probably write a whole book on the benefits of meditation alone. From decreasing your stress and anxiety to increasing your intelligence, there are numerous studies and testimonials to prove the overall health benefits to quieting the mind and meditating for a little while each day.

Reaching Wisdom

In my meditations, I help you to visualise your body as a light centre and this revolves around Chakras. Chakras create the colour of our Aura, and the energy that flows in and out of the chakras nourishes your DNA and the cells within your body with vital energy and the particular frequency needed for optimum health.

To simplify this as best I can imagine the chakra system as an energy transformer taking the higher frequencies of energy and condensing them down to lower density frequencies that can be seen with our physical eyes. Some people have a greater visual capacity to “see” with their third eye and therefore can see more of the higher subtler energy. They will quite literally be able to see more frequencies than the average person and that’s why these people can see Auras.

The more balanced each chakra is, the better you feel emotionally and physically. Further to this, the higher your emotional frequencies are, the more balanced your chakra colours become.

Feeling more balanced adds to your capacity to fully intend to manifest your desired reality. 

Correlating my pioneered FASTR Process, you will understand that when you consciously choose to elevate your emotions through guiding your thoughts, you will produce the higher frequencies needed to obtain a greater infusion and balance of energy. This balance allows you to feel the gratitude and intention needed to actually strive and achieve your goals. 

Through working through your emotions and aiming for the higher frequencies, you also work through your goals to become the person you want to be. 

© 2020 by Liz Barallon