It's all about me

Do you ever have those days when you just feel plain worthless?

Everything you do never seems to be good enough and whatever you forget to do is the end of the world!

Okay so admittedly I might be going through a bit of a week like that. It seems like every time I actually suggest something, it's either ignored completely or brushed over and I think to myself "Am I invisible or do people just hate me?"

Yep, I am a qualified life coach! 😂 and Yes I wrote a whoooolllleee book about how to bounce back to the habitual emotion of happiness. 🤦

So as we all discover sooner rather than later, it is definitely a lot easier to say it than to do it.

Then after I had a cry on the way home from school drop off, I thought right Liz, what would you tell yourself.

I would say follow your 5 steps. So here they are again.

I needed to feel it.

Hmmm, crying the car was a sure-fire sign I was feeling it.

I needed to acknowledge it.

I am writing this goddamn blog post ain't I?


Where to start. Luckily I have lots of tools at my disposal.

And I actually started with revamping my vision board. I took out a few pictures that no longer served any purpose and added a few more quotes from my quote card collection.

I sat down and let my emotions out by designing a symbolic picture for me. Because that is my release. Fo you, you might go for a run or meditate or have a shower or write. I design and write. Isn't he beautiful!!

And then thank.....

The hardest part. I need to thank those that see through me in order to make me stand up and be seen. Perhaps I'm not quite ready for that. Perhaps that will come when I've fully processed my emotions but for now, I will be grateful that I am here and able to design and write.


Thanks for reading this far, because this has been my release.

I think sometimes we put too much emphasis on what other people think of us and forget what we think of ourselves. Am I worthy of being listened to?.... absolutely!

Do I have good Ideas? Some would say they border on genius. Some would say they might border on insane. It depends on who you ask, but I definitely think outside the box that society tried to place me into.

But most importantly I just need to believe in myself.

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