The Ugly truth about manifestation

Updated: May 15, 2020

Emotions are like naughty little puppies that don't often do as they are told. I don't think as humans we have realised just how much we consciously need to take charge of our rampant emotions.

Previously, it was taught that emotions follow thought, meaning that if we simply change our thoughts, then we should be able to gain control over our emotions. However, recent studies have discovered that emotional processes operate much faster than thoughts and they will frequently skip past your reasoning process to take on a life of their own. This means that Emotions commonly bias your thoughts beyond reasoning or logic.

Since thoughts and emotions can work separately in our system, it is important to try to have them work coherently. So how do we do this? Firstly we need to bring stability into the emotional system to bring peace and clarity to the mind. Having both systems in sync allow you to access your full range of potential to manifest your visions and goals. The ability to balance your emotions and align them more to happiness and above, will allow your consciousness to gain more control over the process of manifestation. 

In a recent study, researchers place human DNA into a double-sealed jar to ensure no outside effects. They then asked 5 people who were highly trained in the ability to control their emotions and through different emotive methods asked these subjects to project emotions for 5 minutes while holding the jar with the DNA and water samples. The most interesting results were the findings, that when subjected to lower emotions from our emotional scale, the human DNA would tighten to the point where it was no longer functional to the full extent. They also found that when the DNA was exposed to the higher emotions from our emotional scale, that the DNA would relax and stretch out allowing all its information to be utilized to its full extent. The researchers concluded that “Human emotion produces effects which defy conventional law physics” Through these studies, these scientists were able to prove something that the ancients have told us all along. They were able to prove that our emotions affect our DNA, and our DNA affects our physical world. Does this mean again, that we have proof that our emotions can change our physical world?

Some might say, that our physical world can affect our emotions. This is true, but only if you let it. Controlling your thoughts to elevate your emotions to habitually live in happiness is the goal you need to focus on

Human nature dictates that you become comfortable in a place you feel safe. This is how you habitually end up in your situation, or in your thought process or in your emotional distress. Your thoughts, behaviours and emotions will fluctuate, but you will always come back to rest in your habitual state of mind. Regardless of what you are feeling at the moment, this is the main focus of what needs to change. Which frequency do you normally lie at?

Let me take a moment here to give you an example, and yet again I am going to use a Movie. Have you seen Inside Out? It features characters that represent our main emotions in control at "Head Quarters". There is Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger. One of the storylines in this movie is Joy's journey to realise that Sadness isn't just an annoying emotion to control or ignore, but sadness is vitally important in realising happiness. Everyone needs to be able to feel sadness to truly appreciate the rise to happiness.

One of the other probably less noticeable storylines to note, is that in the child, Riley, Joy is the main emotion in control. Happiness rules her thinking. But when we look at the Mother, Sadness is the main emotion in control, and in the father Anger is the main emotion in control. Now as stereotypical as this seems, just think for a moment, which emotion would be at your main control right now. Would it be Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear or Disgust?

This is what I mean by habitually happy. You want to aim for Joy to always be your main emotion in control. You can fluctuate through the other emotions, but you always want to come back to happy. Higher Vibrational Energy is directly related to your ability to control and maintain your emotions to be in the higher levels. You need to take each situation and strive for that higher thought. To do this, you need to at least know the scales of emotions and where you lie on that scale.

In the same way that our bodies can heal physically, we can also heal emotionally. We hold the power to change negative emotions, which affect our relationships and all aspects of our life into loving and positive emotions. All emotions are impulses to act. The body experiences different emotions in different ways. For example, fear increases adrenaline allowing us to run or fight if we need to. In contrast, happiness causes an increased activity in the brain centre that INHIBITS negative feelings and causes an increase in available energy. It also limits the ability to even have negative thoughts. With a bit of practice, it is possible to tune our minds to stay optimistic and determined. We can't control the negative emotions and when they arise, but we can control the duration of these emotions and eventually how these emotions will arise.

If you allow these emotions to stay longer than they should, then you are inviting depression, anxiety, stress and it can leave you feeling physically ill and emotionally drained. They can even completely stop your body's ability to heal itself.

Your Mind is made of two parts. Your conscious mind and your unconscious mind. The emotions and feelings you are aware of, are part of your conscious mind, but generally, they are repercussions of ingrained unconscious mind thoughts. These are emotions from the past buried deep within the unconscious that we don't even necessarily remember. It may have just been a comment made by a parent when you were younger that your artwork was a bit messy and needed a little bit more colour. As a child, you may have interpreted this as "I hate your artwork and you are not talented at art whatsoever". That then became your belief throughout growing up and you never tried again to do any art because of it. These types of unconscious memories, however, might be more painful, and because of that, you are suffering now. You can feel overwhelmed with anger, anxiety, sorrow, jealousy, or frustration, but you have no idea how to explain why. Continuing to suppress these feelings is only affecting you as a WHOLE on an energetic and physical level and it is important that you find a release and learn forgiveness to move on.  

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