You Want To Forgive, But is your rage holding you back?

You Want To Forgive, But is your rage holding you back?

 It really isn’t as hard as you are imagining………

Forgiveness really does seem like a nasty word sometimes. Just mulling the situation over in your head can be almost therapeutic. Hitting rock bottom is a very traumatic time in your life. At the time it feels like no-one else could possibly know how bad you are feeling. Your body gets heavy and you lose interest in everything. You either cry an ocean or you become stone in shock. Sometimes you just swap between the two. The ability to make decisions disappears and you often switch to autopilot where your body reverts back to basics and you do your very best just to minimally function. A broken heart is a gut wrenching experience of facing your own self-worth. It literally feels like your heart is shattered. How could you repair it? 

In Japan, when a beautiful piece of crockery shatters, they repair it with gold, because they believe that the crack is a unique piece of the object’s history, that only adds to it’s beauty. Your heart can be mended with gold, but the flaws will always be there. These are the flaws that only serve to make you stronger, more beautiful and most importantly start you on the journey to ascending into your own purpose.

Here are the 6 most vital steps you can do right now to get yourself in the forgiving frame of mind:

The Power Of Pain

Right now, you need to feel the pain. These emotions of grief, anger, frustration, hurt and distrust are horrible, but they are important. As a human being we have the right to experience all facets of emotion. Even the lower vibrational ones. I believe for you to evolve to your highest version of you, this pain needs to be felt completely, but don’t become lost in it. 

The most important thing is what you do to turn the pain around. Don’t let the pain become you. You are not the pain! 

The Power Of The Written Word

When we are so caught up in our pain, it is so hard to think straight. One minute we are thinking we will change our life completely and the next we are holding onto the “normality” of what life was. Writing is one of the most powerful tools we have right now in amongst the pain and the rage. The reason being is that when we write it down, we begin to see the real problems and can then prioritise our healing. It allows us to get the anger out and bring the balance back in. It allows us to look back over it with a critical eye and realise what we like and don’t like about our own thoughts. Writing it down brings the control back to us.

The Power Of Gratitude

Gratitude is probably the most powerful way to overcome the pain and rage you feel right now. Simply being Grateful for the little things, will allow you to pinpoint the reasons you have to be happy. If you are really low, then you can start small. “I am grateful I could get out of bed today” Grab yourself a gratitude journal and start writing down all the things you are grateful for each day. Ultimately, you want to thank the pain for being the instigator of your new improved life.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Negative thinking and worry are nothing but a waste of precious time. Many of us are afraid to try something new or push ourselves to extend beyond our comfy boundaries. We are often our own worst critic and give in to Self-Defeat. This is not an end destination. Self-Defeat is your motivation to get back up and try again. 

William James said “Believe that you possess significant reserves of health, energy and endurance and your belief will help create the fact”

We are the makers of our own reality and we can choose that to be a positive or negative reality. Turning your thinking around and learning to listen to your inner thoughts can be hard, but it’s important to remember, all thoughts and emotions are measurable vibrations looking for magnetic partners. Choosing higher vibrational thoughts will attract higher vibrational reactions.

The Power Of Your Intuition

The only way out is to learn who you are and go within. So often in life we go about listening to others, the media, the latest social opinion and we forget to think for ourselves. We ultimately become brainwashed with other people’s ideas of “normal”. There is no such thing as “normal” You are individually you and at the same time part of a collective that is Humanity. Your intuition is your connection to your higher-self /soul / spirit. This is the true you. It is your choice to keep wallowing in this pain or you can choose to build your new home of enlightenment with your rock bottom as your foundations.

The Power Of Self-Truth

Self-truth is the basis of self-love and it is the only way to find the next level of your spirituality.

When you can go within, you no longer need to look for something outside of yourself to make you feel “complete”. Once you can accept your own faults AND learn to either love them or change them, you are able to completely hand yourself over to love. You ARE Worthy and you deserve the best that your dreams can aspire to. More importantly your aim is to figure out a way to enter into the higher energy vibration of love.

Shhh… here’s the secret….. This doesn’t mean being able to love someone else again. This means falling in love with you. This will release your pain.

Our bodies are made of 3 elements, our body, mind and spirit. Each element can affect the other two. To find forgiveness, you need to look holistically at all three parts of your being. Although I can help you find the path, the only person who can truly help you alleviate your grief and rage is you.

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