You are walking around your house and you just woke up feeling a little bit like death warmed up and most likely in need of a caffeine hit. You have no idea what the day is, nor do you know where your stupid phone disappeared to. 


You know you are in desperate need of a kick in the pants to get you motivated to get out the door AND you need to know the day!


You are in LUCK! because now all you have to do is take a look at the kitchen bench where pride of place stands this too cute and shiny for words calendar with a motivational kick up the butt saying!


BOOM you feel amazing and bounce to kitchen to grab your caffeine hit!. Then out the door on time feeling like Queen of Bounce!


Have a good week every week of 2021 with these gorgeous goal focusing affirmations.


These affirmations will change your thought process to promote a success mindset, that will see you achieving your goals all year round.


55 bright and happy cards with a dated weekly calendar on each card.


Display them at home or on your desk at work! 


Each card measures 80mm x 80mm and comes with a handmade raw wooden stand.


All the affirmations include my magical five A's for affirmation success and teach you how to word your thoughts in order to gain a positive and successful mindset. 


Some affirmations included

* I allow abundance in health, wealth and happiness

* I ask to be consciously kind all day

* I appreciate that my career is booming

* I anticipate having a wonderful day

* I am seen and appreciated. 


And much much more. 



2021 Weekly Calendar Affirmation & Quote Cards

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    © 2020 by Liz Barallon