Are you ready to change the world one act of kindness at a time? 

Does your friend need a little pick me up? Does your daughter need someone to remind her she is amazing? Does your client need a gorgeous thank you note? What about you? Do you need reminding as well? 

The fact is that everyone you know needs an act of kindness. We do not know what anyone is going through in their own mind. 2021 is the year for throwing out kindness and changing the world one small act at a time. 

These affirmation gift cards were created as a way to throw out kindness into the world. The back of the card has been left blank for you to personalise a  thoughtful message just for the receiver. 

40 Stunning positive affirmation messages to gift to your friends or keep for yourself for a daily pick me up. 


All cards come with a handmade wooden stand. 



Affirmation thank you gift cards

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