Do you remember when you were a child and you believed everything was possible? 

As humans we are born "knowing" that we can have whatever we want if we focus and visualise it. 

However social conditioning stops this "knowing" from being realised. 

Help your children to overcome the social conditioning around them and let them learn how to visualise, dream and achieve their goals. 

Help them to succeed throughout their whole life, by implanting this valuable tool of visualisation now. 

The Children's magic bubble meditation is 15 minutes in duration. It is best if your child does try to focus during the meditation, but they will gain emotional benefit even if they fall asleep during the meditation. 

This meditation will take them through the basics of protection and grounding needed in a meditation and also guide them through building their own magic bubble which will eventually become a daily habit that will see your child succeed in whatever path she/he chooses in life. 

Children's Magic Bubble Meditation

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