This amazing bundle is just what you need. 


Included is The Gratitude and Manifestation Journal, The Goal Keeper Tin and a Painted Feather Pen to help with your journaling.


The Gratitude and Manifestation Journal

The Journal that will teach you the art of sprinkling magic unicorn dust all over your life.
Based on Liz Barallon's highly successful book, The FASTR Process, this colourful journal gives you the tools to find your goals, word your affirmations and write your gratitude journal in the best way to wake up the brain processes needed to create the reality of your dreams.

This one of a kind notebook will take you step by step through:

  • Planning your goals

  • Finding your why

  • Affirmations done right

  • The magic of manifestation


The Goal Keeper Tin

Personalise your goals with these powerful words and remember to place yourself 365 days into the future. 

What do you want to achieve in a year's time? 

Put your goal cards into The Goal Keeper Tin and don't take them out again for a year!

See how many you can achieve and find yourself amazed at the power of your words and thoughts.


The Painted Feather Pen (while stocks last)

These gorgeous floral painted feather pens will make you feel grand as you write in your journal or diary this coming year.  A pen will be chosen at random from the three pictured in the listing and will be dependant on what is available at the time. (limited quantity available)

The Gratitude Goal Keeper Gift Set

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