Learn How to create a Goal Board

In this Goal Board Workshop, you will not only learn how to create a gorgeous Dream Board, but you will learn some of the science behind why visualisation works so well in manifesting the reality you desire.

Secret of success

A Goal Board isn't just about finding some pretty pictures and a couple of cool quotes and gluing them to a piece of cardboard.


The secret lies in the placement, the words used and the intentional thoughts and emotions you need to actually make your Goal Board work like magic.

Setting your goals

I will show you the reason why goal setting should be one of the most important things you are doing to provide focus and drive. I will help you to figure out your goals and then show you how to find the pictures that most represent what you visualise your goal to be.

The Secret to Manifestation

I will teach you my 5 magical A's to manifestation. These are 5 top-secret words that you must use when creating your affirmations. The energy of these 5 words, when used on your Goal Board, can amplify the power of the visualisation in order to manifest your goal into reality. The only way to find out what these 5 words are is through the workshop or getting your hands on a copy of The FASTR Process.

Here's What You Get in the:  Free Workshop

  1. 35-minute video tutorial breaking down the science behind the process of a goal board.

  2. Detailed instructions on how to find your pictures, the order in which to lay them out, the precise power words to use, the best way to make your board last the year, and where to display it in order to optimize success!

  3. Access to a Facebook Group Support system, so you can ask unlimited questions and have people around to cheer you on as you create your goal board and then go on to achieve success in attaining your goals

Gold Workshop

  1. All of the Above

  2. A "Goal breakdown" PDF that guides you through the goals you need to focus on in your goal board

  3. A "What's your Why" PDF that helps you to understand why those goals are so important to you so you can figure out the emotional component of your goal.

  4. Visualisation guided meditation (rrp $9.99)

  5. Conquering Fear guided meditation (rrp $9.99)

  6. Vision Board techniques quick start worksheet

  7. 20% off The FASTR Process workbook (rrp $44.95)

Platinum Workshop

  1. All of the Above

  2. Automatic writing workshop (not available anywhere else)

  3. Affirmation writing workbook (not available anywhere else)

  4. 40% off The FASTR Process workbook (rrp $44.95)

Mae, Cairns

"The focus on my goals since I created one of Liz's Goal Boards has been crazy! I have doubled my income by getting a new job in the industry I wanted to be in and married the love of my life since I did her workshop in June last year! "


Julianne, Cairns

"For the last 2 years, I have been trying to complete a goal board with no direction. My goal boards always ended up hidden away and ignored. When I finished Liz's online goal board workshop I was able to create an amazing goal board that I love to look at daily. Her tips have also allowed me to keep my goals in focus on a daily basis."

Nicholas, Heard Financial

" I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the FASTR process and the what to put in a vision board was very helpful for me"

I've already helped many people through the Goal Board workshop.

Here is just some of what people are saying


Liz Barallon is a life coach, energy healer, and mum to three girls from sunny Queensland, Australia. Having run a successful business in network marketing, Liz found a love for helping her team members realize their own goals and dreams through teaching them to face their fears and understand their own self-worth. She decided to pursue this passion further and went on to study life coaching, energy healing, and vibrational medicine. Through combining these modalities in her business, Start Your Life Abundance, she was able to incorporate a holistic way to help her clients focus on the energetic output of their emotions in order to help them manifest their desired reality. Liz went on to publish a book about emotional balance and release called The FASTR Process and it is in this book, she teaches her Vision Board Success secrets that she also brings to you today.